“If you’re Not Angry, then you’re Not Paying Attention”

Thousands of Anonymous Supporters Flood the Streets of London to Unite Against Anti-Capitalism for Civil-Rights and Liberty


(Photo Credit:// Danny Sargent Photography)

Remember, remember the 5th of November- but not as a night that a “traitor” attempted to bring down the Monarchy. Last night rang a truth as much a reality in present day England as it was in 1605; a largely corrupt Government with the refusal to acknowledge its people’s ambitions or needs.

“People Shouldn’t be Afraid of their Government, Governments should be Afraid of their People”

In response to the atrocious Paris terror attacks of 2015, Anonymous successfully hacked and dismantled over 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts- but was that reported widely within the mainstream press? No. Instead the media continuously chooses to immensely exaggerate the collective, describing the members as “hooligans” and “anarchists”. Well, what else are we to expect from a government that habitually attempts to silence what they fear most?

“The Police are not your Friends”

Challenging the Government will never be a challenge overcome with ease, but it will most certainly not be achieved through the actions of ignorance, violence or hate- qualities that many of those currently in power, presently possess. Last night London saw 53 arrests of Anonymous members, many of those occurred unprovoked:

A peaceful Anonymous  protester has his mask confiscated by Police (VIDEO CREDIT:// George Prescott)

“If you’re not Angry, then you’re not Paying Attention”

Whilst a minority of participants utilised violent actions to articulate their anger, the march remained in majority, true to it’s purpose; peaceful but ardent, and ultimately represented the people as a collective.

Lack of identity often poses several salient issues; the most prominent being “the Disinhibition Effect”, a term that states that those hidden by a cloak of anonymity  are likely to act disconnected to that of their habitual character; behaving as they wish without fear of consequence. Anonymity can provide several lines of thought to any collective member: “You cannot see me” and therefore “You do not know who I am”.

There is an old Japanese belief that we have three faces: the first we show the world, the second we reveal to our close companions, and a third that we exhibit to no one but ourselves. This third face is rather easily revealed when we are stripped of our individual identity, similar to the way that online users can behave aggressively when part of a collective or mob. Please do not misunderstand me: I do not, to any extent disagree with Anonymous and their initial beliefs and ambitions, I am an avid follower and supporter –but these theories can somewhat explain as to why a small minority of members can act out against the groups founding beliefs.

Anonymous protesters march together (VIDEO CREDIT:// Carl Tanner)

I have observed the many good deeds of Anonymous in awe, and been a follower of the collective for five years- intensely impassioned with the concept that the group has no leader and is governed by its people, as it rightly should be.

Despite some blemishes on last night’s initial aims, Million Mask March 2017 is set to stampede full steam ahead- and I for one will stand proudly with them, with the knowledge that I am doing all I can to challenge the wrongdoings of our “leaders”, that I am fighting for justice, and that I am not alone in doing so.

One Solution: Revolution.









The recent atrocity of Brexit reveals just that: that even after a “democratic”, public vote (albeit the outcome, a result of mass scaremongering), parliament are still considering an all-MP “referendum” to decide that final consequence.


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